About Us

Foodies Restaurant and Grill is a family-owned restaurant
where you can taste traditional Grecian Greek cuisine
as well as American favorites.

Our Story

How did Foodies Grill and Restaurant get its name?
It’s pretty simple, actually. We’re all about unique food, made fresh, for a good price.

How do we pull that off?
By cooking from scratch. And here’s the secret about our secret ingredient, it makes for great tasting food, and even better value. A Greek/Mediterranean kitchen should take the time to make each dish instead of defrosting it.
At Foodies Restaurant and Grill, we use quality ingredients and take the time to prepare them in our kitchens each day.
To us, making things fresh means baking our meat and frying our own bread. It means grilling our own steaks. It means making our own soup and salad each morning. And it means our food just tastes better.

We are known for making things in-house like our famous Traditional Lamb Gyros, our Homemade Onion Straw Burger, our hand-cut Olympus Fries, and our In-House Greek Salad and Zuppa Toscana.

There’s nothing better than a fresh and unique meal, but not everyone has access to one.
Here at Foodies, we’re helping to scratch out hunger in America through our community.
Every week we donate unused food to the local food banks.

We are a restaurant company, so food is always on the mind. But what we do starts with people.
Our team members are what make the difference at Foodies, they are at the heart of everything we do.
We provide a pathway for individuals to advance from entry-level jobs into management. Join Us!
Soups and Salads
Soups & Salad

Zuppa ToscanaFat Greek SaladFresh add ons and dressings

Pam Craig Karl Lowry Richard Alewine David Conaway
  • Enjoyed it! Thanks. Edit: the food was great and the employees were super!
  • The Greek Sampler was awesome. We enjoyed the visit and service. Food was fresh.
    Karl Lowry
  • We love everything about Foodies! The fresh food, excellent service and atmosphere is all fantastic! Best burger in Russellville, delicious platters, soups, the Gyros and fresh fries are delicious!
  • Wonderful Greek food! The pita was so soft and warm. The hummus was not as salty as most store bought versions. Very authentic. The falafels were wonderful and maybe the best I’ve had since Israel. The zuppa(potato soup) was AMAZING! Such a great fall treat. The shawarma was delicious. So many flavors in it! The side veggies were grilled just right. The only thing that could have been a touch different was the tzatziki sauce. Still good though.